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ASACFX's Cultural Standards and Professional Expectations

Easy to work with: We take health seriously, and cultivating a low stress environment is our first expectation of ASACFX contributors. We expect our people to be on top of their work (no babysitting), and to be highly conscious and respectful of those around you in communication, behavior, attitude, etc. You should seek to minimize stress for your managers and peers — to make their lives easier than it was without you.

Integrity: We expect you to have good values and morals and work from a place of LOVE – from the heart! You must be conscious and considerate of your team, the organization, and the impact we seek to make on the world at large. ASACFX was born from a place of love and consciousness of humanity at large. Our contributors should function from a similar place of purpose for us to be in alignment and have matching energy within ASACFX. 

Loyalty: In the end, love is more powerful than all the money in the world, and our organization should be bound by strong love, loyalty, and respect — especially in the face of the challenges we will inevitably need to overcome.
Willingness to Communicate: “If there is no communication, there is no relationship.” — A quote we live by. This applies to all relationships in life, but we take it very seriously at ASACFX. Strong communication is needed in order to effectively solve problems and work collaboratively as an organization. 
High Availability: We are a fully remote organization with contributors spread all over the world. In order to coordinate effectively, we expect our people to be easy to reach via phone, text, and in work channels. A good benchmark is: If we call you, we should be able to reach you 95%+ of the time. At ASACFX, we value a strong work-life balance. For the most part, we don’t want our contributors working more than 40 hours a week so that you have plenty of time to tend to your own personal life and needs, and to enjoy life! However, if we need to reach you for any urgent matters, we expect to be able to do so easily, that is part of the territory that comes with a highly efficient organization spread across the globe.

Humility: We expect you to be open-minded and willing to see where you may be wrong — and to be humble enough to realize that no human is perfect, including yourself. We are big on humility and do not tolerate ego or entitlement. At ASACFX, you must earn your stripes with us, regardless of what you’ve accomplished before working at ASACFX.

Attitude of Gratitude: Gratitude is known as the mother of virtues. At ASACFX, we strive to create a workplace containing good, positive energy that should charge you and bring goodness into your life. It is important to be aware that while you work, you are not only giving energy, but also receiving energy from the work you do (no pun intended). We strive to make ASACFX an awesome place to work and in doing so, we expect our people to practice gratitude daily and bring an attitude to work that includes being grateful for the opportunity to work with a high-level organization like ours. 

Good Energy: Largely related to having an “Attitude of Gratitude” — we expect you to bring good energy to ASACFX. Your energy will be felt by the rest of the team. Bring your best and help bring up the people around you!
Highly Respectful: This ties to many of the other qualities we have already discussed, but it’s something we take very seriously and thus is worthwhile to reinforce. We expect you to be highly respectful of your managers/peers, and especially in being conscious of your managers’ time, space, and resources.

Speed and Quality: We require our people to be fast learners and highly adaptable. We expect our contributors to complete their projects quickly and efficiently YET pay very high attention to detail and think things out far ahead. Our leadership is focused on the long-term vision and direction of ASACFX and will not want to be bogged down auditing incomplete or insufficiently thought-out work. You should seek to impress with the thoroughness and quality of your work- as well as the speed of getting newly assigned tasks completed. It is imperative our team members respond quickly to organizational needs — part of our creed is “talk today, done tomorrow.” It is important to note that there is elegance in simplicity and we will often want to keep things as minimalistic as possible (while remaining highly impactful) – less is often more.

Strategic Thinkers: We strive to make powerful, meaningful, and well-thought-out moves. It may take weeks to organize and execute a plan in full, but this is better than multiple revisions over the same time frame or rushing around at the last minute. We expect our contributors to have the same thoughtfulness in the work they do — quality over quantity, every time.

Problem Solvers: When faced with inevitable problems, we expect our contributors to be solution-oriented. Rather than simply identifying problems, contributors should practice critical thinking to determine the best solutions, including giving proper consideration to time and other resources needed to remedy them. Bring solutions to your leaders and teammates.

Team Players: As a growing organization, we regularly identify critical duties that need to be attended in order to have harmony. When these circumstances arise, we expect you to step up to the plate and be a team player, even if it’s not your ideal or favorite role. This synonymous with taking accountability/responsibility — treating ASACFX as if it were your own baby and making sure what needs to be done, gets done. We have no tolerance for those who act entitled or think they are “too good” for doing a task. We expect you to be a team player, and be conscious of the organizational needs as a whole.

Fully-Engaged: We expect you to be fully engaged. We have no tolerance for one-foot-in/one-foot-out type of behavior. We want people who see the value of their work and push forward with no hand-holding.
Leadership: We value those who demonstrate leadership qualities, though this is not a requirement to join the ASACFX team. We expect every contributor to be conscious and considerate of others; we treat the people who work below us with the same respect and professionalism as those above. Team members that display these qualities will be in a better position to progress within our organization.
Questions you should ask yourself routinely while working at ASACFX: 
• What can I do to exceed the expectations set for me? What can I do to go above and beyond and impress my manager/peers?
• Is there anything I can do to take this further or get more information to help my manager/peers make a better decision?
• Have I really applied myself fully with a problem-solving mentality to handle the tasks or is half my mind somewhere else?
• Am I conscious of my energy and trying to bring good positive energy to my work? (Especially in relation to my manager and peers that I work with).
• Is this potentially going to be a waste of my managers/peers time?
• Am I creating stress for my manager/peers in any way, shape, or form?
To summarize: At the end of the day, our vision is to have a high-powered organization with a noble culture, bound together with strong love and loyalty while being highly focused on the most important objectives and being extremely efficient at execution, resulting in first-class products/services. Such an organization requires little hand-holding and functions like a lean, mean, machine. We are here to change the world, and if you want to be part of our team, bring your absolute best.


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